When are you in your element?

What do you love to do? Element is all about meeting other people through experiences you love. 


Browse through dates and experiences posted by other people nearby


Sort through categories or filter among when it will be or how close it is


Express interest in posted experiences or post your own and chat with people who message you


Determine the details through messaging and then meet that person there!

How It Works

Explore Nearby Experiences + Events

  • Browse through nearby experiences and events
  • Express interest in it to see who else wants to go

-and then-

Chat With Others Who Also Want To Go

  • Meet friends and dates who are interested in the same experiences and events
  • View profiles, send messages, and get in your element!

Explore Experiences.
Meet New People.

  • Discover local events nearby, express interest, and discover other people interested!
  • Send invites to other people interested in the experience or event, and meet someone new 🙂