Element is an experience-first dating app, launching in Charleston in fall of 2018. Simply post an experience or date, or browse dates posted by other people. It’s not a blind date- you can still view profiles, chats and more: we just think that dating should start with a common interest or shared love of an activity and then go from there!

An experience can be any posted/featured/group date on the app. You could post about an experience as simple as getting coffee, dinner, or drinks- or an experience as crazy as a skydiving date, a speedboat adventure, a cool event in town, etc. Experiences can be dates or group dates, or it can be a featured event that our team curates- which people can send invites to. 

Get in your element through two main ways: The first is just browsing dates and experiences posted by others and expressing interest or chatting with them. The second is through posting your own date and responding to people that express interest in your experience. There are also featured events, which are posted by our team and which users can send invites to other interested people.  

All experiences and final decisions are determined through chat and messaging! There is no technical confirming, cancelling, or being forced into a date you don’t want go to. View profiles, chat with them about the date or experience, and decide on your own if you want to meet with them. 

We’re just as safe as any other dating app: chat with others, view profiles, and decide if you want to meet up with them. You’re always welcome to recommend another date venue or pick a time/place that is more comfortable for you!

No it is not a blind date! View profiles, chat and message each other, and then decide if you want to go on the date or not. 

We are launching in Charleston, SC in September 2018 and then will start expanding to other cities after that! Be sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date 🙂

Please report any and all concerns by emailing support@element-app.com