Why element matters

We’re doing what we’re doing because we believe real connection happens in person rather than through a phone. We’re tired of swiping. We’re tired of matchmaking. We just want to do things we love to do and find people who share those passions. True relationship and friendship happens most easily through shared experiences, which is what we will bring. 

Do Things You LOve

Element is about empowering people to do things they love rather than just things that social norms expect them to do. Whether you love coffee and dinners or kiteboarding and concerts, Element give you the ability to meet new people who love those same activities and interests, rather than having social norms push you into a standard process.

more than just dating

Element is a movement centered on bringing people together through shared experiences. It’s not just about dating- it’s about experiences, and we believe the world is going to become more and more focused on them. Element’s core purpose is to bring people together through experiences. It’s not a dating app, it’s an experience movement.