Top Ten Date Ideas in Charleston

Charleston is consistently ranked as one of the most romantic cities in the country: and it’s easy to see why. Beautiful beaches, cobblestone streets, and incredible food all make up a fraction of the charm of Charleston, but with so many great romantic aspects to the city, how do you decide on where to take a date? What are the best first date ideas in Charleston? Luckily, our local team here has 10 suggestions for a great date in the Holy City.

Stingrays Game

Good ole North Charleston Coliseum offers the perfect mix of a fun atmosphere while still having a chance to have a great conversation. Not to mention food, drinks, and different themed nights (perhaps dog night would be a great one..?). As a first date idea, you definitely can’t go wrong with a Stingrays game, especially if you don’t want to spend too much money.


element sailboat

Sunset Boat Ride

Many people would argue that Charleston is best seen by water, and there are plenty of options to do so with a date. Palmetto Breeze is a 100 person catamaran that leaves from Shem Creek, or if you want something more intimate, the Schooner Pride is probably your best bet. They even have speedboat rentals if you and your date are more of the Ricky Bobby genre.


element middleton plantation

Middleton Place

If you are a nature or history lover, this is the best spot for a first date. Beautiful gardens encompass every corner of this sprawling plantation, or there are specific events if you would like to wait for one of those: for example, the Harvest Moon Dinner is renowned in town for being a perfect date event.


element comedy

Theatre 99

A lot of dates can feel like interviews, where you run through a series of standard questions over drinks or dinner. A comedy show definitely is a great alternative: where you and your date can feel relaxed and laugh together over some improv. If that sounds fun, check out Theatre 99 in town- it’s got some great weekly deals and is hilarious.


element festival

A local event or festival

Charleston has a ton of events and festivals going on year round, both with bigger festivals that gain national attention (such as Spoleto Festival) and also with smaller lesser known events (such as the Festival of Beers). Events are a great way to seem like a trendy local and ideally gives your date a chance to check something out that they’ve never been to before.


element carriage ride

Carriage tour around downtown

“…But I thought only tourists went on those things?” Well maybe. But either way, carriage rides are a fantastic date experience in Charleston- especially if you’re new to town, but there are also packages that are less focused on being a ‘tour’ with a guide, and more about just cruising around town romantically. At the very least, it’s a date idea that’s unique to Charleston.


element swing dancing

Swing dancing

Charleston is well know for their dancing (swing, shag, the Charleston, etc), and for all of these dances you need a partner, right? Keep an eye out for a dancing event on the calendar or swing on by a weekly event, like Prohibition’s live band and shagging on Sunday nights.


element beach

Head to the beach

There are some incredible beaches in Charleston- so really it depends on what kind of vibe you and your date are looking for. Kiawah is always a classy choice- bike down the beach and check out the incredible houses along the way, or if you want a spot more private than Sullivan’s or Folly, Capers or Bulls Island are great.


element helicopter

Helicopter tour

If you haven’t seen Charleston by air it’s actually incredible- and surprisingly affordable! This is the perfect first date if you’re looking to “wow” your partner and ensure a memorable, unique experience. There are a couple of companies that offer packages so be sure to check them out!


Well, those were ten first-date ideas in Charleston that we came up with: are there any you would add to the list? Over here at Element (based and founded here in Charleston!!), we’re all meeting people and dates through experiences. Check out our website or stop by our office!